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We are a sales, marketing and software services organisation that represents a hand picked selection of outstanding software companies. 

These client organisations are thought leaders in their fields of expertise.  Without exception they offer exceptional capability, excellence in development and a proven ability to deliver.

We work on behalf of our clients to exceed the expectations of their customers.

SalePlane is at the centre of a hugely capable and expert network.  We can find virtually any technical or business expertise that may be required from our trusted partners and contacts - it's who we know

SalePlane Ltd. was incorporated in 2003.  Our first client and sales partners were signed in April 2003.  As of today we are working with over twelve sales partners in two fundamental technology groups:

BUSINESS PROCESS ENGINEERING a technical services capability, to meet requests from clients and portfolio partners to provide software services and know-how based on the SalePlane portfolio, software selection and best practices in software lifecycle management.

SalePlane solutions helps de-risk your software strategy and management.  We provide the following services:decision support and due diligence

  • solution, integration and strategic consulting
  • Discover the benefits and advantage of informed access to both on and offshore human resources, networked technical services and industry leading expertise from around the world, through a single point of contact with SalePlane solutions.

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    "Strategic resilience is not about responding to a onetime crisis� it's about continuously anticipating and adjusting to deep, secular trends that can permanently impair the earning power of a core business. It's about having the capacity to change before the case for change becomes desperately obvious."

    - Prof. Gary Hamel, 2003
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    "In a globalised and technologically advanced world, businesses are increasingly gathering together to generate competitive advantage. This phenomenon - clustering - can be seen around the world."

    - Lord Sainsbury, 2004
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